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Installing your steam shower to anything higher than 110 V may blow a fuse in your steam generator, enabling it inoperative. Following these steps will allow you to reset the fuse in your steam generator. Before proceeding with this reset please ensure that the shower's power and water supply have been properly disconnected. Also take care in making sure that the shower's power supply is set to the proper specifications, any electrical specifications not met may end up in tripping the fuse again or further damaging the shower's electrical components. For recommended shower electrical specifications please consult our FAQ page or contact us

Step 1: Opening Steam Generator

Once you have located and uninstalled your steam generator removed the four screws on the side with the cables and remove lid.

Step 2: Locate Fuse

The fuse will be in a black casing attached to a red wire. Unscrew the black casing to open and reveal the steam generator fuse.

Step 3: Install New Fuse

Now that you have opened up the black fuse casing, simply place new fuse in place and screw black casing to secure the fuse in place. 

Step 4: Final Steps

Replace lid onto steam generator and reinstall steam generator into steam shower. It is very important that you make sure to install your shower using 110 V, using anything else will damage the steam generator once again. 

Have any questions we didn't answer here, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Steam Generator Fuse Replacement