A soft, rounded design meets full immersion soaking in the Lugano 62" Stone freestanding bathtub. A solid and strong artificial stone construction is warmer to the touch than your average enamel or steel tubs. Designed with contoured sides to offer ample space and constructed from lightweight, durable acrylic material, this freestanding soaking tub helps to create a relaxing spa experience in your own home. The tub's design also makes routine cleaning and maintenance very easy and fast. The factory-installed integrated overflow and waste drain helps to reduce potential leak points and simplify the installation process.

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Freestanding Modern Seamless Stone Bathtub Lugano 62"


Color: White
Type: Seamless bathtub
Material: Artificial Stone
Layer: Solid Layer
Drainer: Copper Pedal drainer

1) Tub is made of two acrylic sheets. The air between the sheets acts as a thermal insulator to help retain warmth.

2) Tub has adjustable legs for uneven floors.

3) Faucet sold separately.

Outer bathtub size:
Length: 62 ½”
Height: 23 ¼”
Width: 27 ½”

Inner bathtub size:
Length: 52”
Height: 18 ¼”
Width: 22”