Color: White
Type: Seamless bathtub
Material: Acrylic with Alkali-free reinforced fiberglass
Layer: Double layer
Drainer: Copper Pedal drainer

1) Tub is made of two acrylic sheets. The air between the sheets acts as a thermal insulator to help retain warmth.

2) Tub has adjustable legs for uneven floors.

3) Faucet sold separately.

Outer bathtub size:
Length: 70 ¼”
Height: 23 ½”
Width: 31 ½”

Inner bathtub size:
Length: 47 ¾”
Height: 18 ½”
Width: 23 ¼”



​​designer of interior solutions


This minimalist, rectangular bathtub is strikingly bold and upscale. It's ergonomic design forms to support bathers for ultimate comfort and it's extra-deep making it perfect for full-body soaks. The continuous flow of water over the sides of the basin provides a relaxing sensation. Bathers stay warmer than in traditional tubs, as shoulders and torso can be completely submerged. For questions on this product please visit our FAQ page.

Freestanding Modern Seamless Acrylic Bathtub Burano 70"